Visit Downtown Nassau

Downtown Nassau

Visit Downtown Nassau

Walking through the narrow streets of Downtown Nassau while lodging with our Paradise Island hotels will be the highlight of your trip! Whether you’re on a destination Bahamas honeymoon or a fun getaway with girlfriends, Downtown Nassau is a great spot for tourist! Shop the stores, dine at the array of restaurants or stop at the local market to stock up on food for your stay at our Paradise Island Beach Club resort. No need to have a plan when browsing around the shops, as everything is located close together on Bay Street, the main street bordering the harbor, however; we’ll give you a little sneak peek of what to expect!

Soak up the Atmosphere

Downtown Nassau is rich in culture, music, and has an inviting atmosphere, which will become apparent as you begin to roam the downtown area; all are welcome here. It’s essential to wear comfortable walking shoes as you will find yourself wanting to spend hours taking in all the sights. There are loads of museums and historical buildings, so have your camera ready to take pictures as you make memories that will last a lifetime! Many vendors offer a bargain, so don’t be nervous about shopping around or negotiating a good deal!

Downtown Nassau Shopping

For those that have traveled to our Paradise Island resort in previous years, you know that Bay Street is the best place to shop major designers and search for high-end jewelry. After all, Downtown Nassau to the Bahamas is what Saks 5th Ave is to NYC; you’ll find Gucci, Cartier, Effy Jewelry, and the list goes on! The Straw Market is a historic landmark where you can haggle and shop clothing, straw hats, souvenirs, unique handmade items, and much more!

The Historic Landmarks of Downtown Nassau

History enthusiasts and amateur photographers will love the historic landmarks in Downtown Nassau. Fort Charlotte has beautiful panoramic views that overlook the harbor which dates back to the British-colonial era and is worth the stop! Take in the mesmerizing scenery and feel the history as you climb the 66 steps up the Queen’s Staircase.  Discover this gem as the stairs give quick access to Fort Fincastle, the highest point on the New Providence Island. Whether you’re checking out Parliament Square, Pomey Square, or the countless museums, Bay Street offers an area to soak up the Bahamas rich history!

Pristine Bahamas Beach Resorts

Take in the harbor sights and cruise ships as you peruse Downtown Nassau while immersing yourself in the vibrant culture! A true oasis awaits you and your loved ones at our Paradise Island Beach Club as Cabbage Beach is right in your backyard! Our sun-drenched paradise villas offer a home away from home atmosphere with a full kitchen set up so you can delight in a homemade meal while on your vacation! Browse through our options to see what best suits your getaway online. To speak with a friendly staff member about booking your stay, give us a call at 1-242-363-0101.

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