Learn about the History of the Nassau Pirates

A little kid dressed up for a Nassau pirates tour.

Learn about the History of the Nassau Pirates

Not only are the Bahama islands home to sandy beaches and endless sunshine, but they’re also home to a fascinating history. For travelers vacationing on Nassau and Paradise Island, you are surrounded by things of the past. One of the most popular things to learn about during your stay at Paradise Island Beach Club is the Nassau pirates. On your next visit, explore the island’s swashbuckling past to see how it shaped its future. 

What to Know about Nassau’s Piracy Past

The golden age of piracy started not long after the British conquered Nassau. In the late 1600s and early 1700s, former Royal Navy sailors turned to ransacking trade ships throughout the Atlantic. They would bring their treasure to Nassau and bribe government officials to provide a haven for them.

At one point, the pirate population in Nassau grew to over 1,000, including several well-known names such as Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard. This is why Nassau is also known as the Pirate’s Republic. However, the republic grew too large, and the King of Great Britain sent ships to reclaim the island. This convoy was a success; eventually, the Pirate’s Republic ended.

Where to Learn Swashbuckling Stories

For anyone staying at our Paradise Island resort, there are several ways to learn about our region’s pirate past. The Pirates of Nassau Museum is one of the most popular options. This attraction in Olde Towne is an interactive museum that teaches visitors all about the golden days of piracy. The exhibits cover a wide range of topics like women pirates and the trials of pirates.

Another fun way to learn about Nassau pirates is Blackbeard’s Revenge. The pirate ship tours give guests a chance to live out a modern-day pirate adventure. There are a number of voyages to choose from, including a daytime tour, complete with pirate dramatizations. There’s also a sunset cruise.

A Trip to Paradise | Reserve Your Nassau Villa

The pool at a Paradise Island resort to relax by after exploring and learning the history of pirates in Nassau.

From checking items off your Paradise Island bucket list to learning about the history of pirates in Nassau, there’s no shortage of things to do when staying at Paradise Island Beach Club. Our luxurious beachfront resort is the perfect home base for everyone, from couples to families. 

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